2014 Schnee Chassis  




 Proven winner in 2013, this

chassis was designed for the

 305 class with its exceptional

  forward drive because of the

 39" motor setback and the

stacked rear torsion tubes.

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In addition to our current chassis, we are now building the
same non downtube chassis  that was so dominant in the 90's
with such drivers as Doug Wolfgang, Danny Lasoski, Gary
Wright, Lance Dewease, Kenny Jacobs, Donnie Kreitz,
Todd Shaffer, and many others.
A few newer updates have been added such
as internal wing mounts and 28 gallon fuel tank mounts,
and 2"added to the rear hoop of the rollcage. Because of the
tires we run now days with stiff sidewalls and harder
compounds like in the 90's, these chassis have more sidebite
and forward drive. With the non downtube design
these chassis flex easier which would really benifit the 305
cars because of the less horsepower and torque. Call
or e-mail for more details.



Thanks for coming to Schnee Chassis.com. For those of you

that are new to sprint car racing my name is Brian Schnee

and I have been building chassis for 25 years. I have worked

with some awsome racers and mechanics over the years

including my brother in law Doug Wolfgang. I drove sprint

cars for 13 years, I retired from driving in 2001. Please

e-mail me or call if you have any questions. Thank you!

Check out my Blast from the Past page, Ill be adding

pictures continuously.


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Here are a few pictures of Kelly Trerice's car from Canada




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